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Module 6

Building a Momentum of Accomplishment

Imagine a life in which you constantly see opportunities and feel the satisfaction of accomplishment … every day! 
It is 100% possible, when we know how. The key is to train your brain to focus on accomplishment. 

You see, most people are naturally predisposed to focus on our mistakes, our failures, the things that aren’t working, and the things that may go wrong.
This is simply a legacy from the way our brains have evolved. Unfortunately, because we get what we focus on, this "default" pattern keeps most of us stuck. 

In this Module I'll show you how you can train your brain to focus on accomplishment instead. And when you do, you will naturally create more accomplishment in your business, and the rest of your life! 

First, download the PDF worksheet
Then watch the video below. 

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What you'll gain from Module 6 ...

  • Insight into the important role of the sense of accomplishment - for your productivity and your overall well-being,

  • 4 common ways most of us hold ourselves back from the accomplishment we are truly capable of, &

  • How to retrain your brain to create a momentum of accomplishment (in just a few minutes each day).

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