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From Burnout to Breakthrough ... 

We All Have a Story ... This is Mine

Meet Anna McKinlay

I'm Anna McKinlay - coach, mentor, and creator of the Total Wellbeing Formula.

It's a formula I developed in my own life, as I struggled to climb out of massive burnout, and create a life of wellbeing and balance.

And I've shared it with clients around the world with transformative results.

Total Wellbeing is a formula that helps you create your own personalised approach to nurturing wellbeing in your daily life.

It's about giving you the tools to build daily practices that work for you. Your values. Your body. Your strengths. Your lifestyle.

I am passionate - even a little obsessive ;-) - about helping moms priorise their wellbeing.

Because just a few years ago taking care of my wellbeing, alongside everything else in life, was a massive struggle for me ...

... and the cost of neglecting my wellbeing was high, for my family as well as myself.

My overwhelmed lifestyle placed a high toll on my children, in particular.

So I walked away from the career I'd spent two decades building, to retrain and start my own business as a coach, with two aims ...

... to create greater balance and wellbeing in my own life ...

... and to help others avoid falling into the same pitfalls that had caused so much pain and struggle for us.


I wanted to learn tools & techniques to help others avoid the pitfalls I'd become trapped in.

Like so many others I believed that running my own business from home would give me the time freedom to create more balance, be a better parent, and still have a fulfilling career.

Of course, it was not easy as I expected!

I really struggled at first. Struggled with maintaining boundaries between business, family, and "me time". Struggled with rebuilding my own resilience. And struggled to get clients and grow my business.

I was not going back to the corporate grind!

So I put all my focus on finding a system I could use to make working from home work for me, and my family.

And what I discovered surprised me ...


When I gave priority to my own wellbeing and self-care, my relationships and my business results all improved. Even though I was spending less time on them.

I was able to focus much more effectively, had better energy, and so was able to "work smarter" with much less struggle. 

Of course, I wanted to understand more about this effect! And to learn how I could leverage it to create the kind of lifestyle business I desired. So I went into "research mode" ... 

... and I discovered there is so much more to wellbeing than working out several times a week, and eating the "right" diet - both of which can be challenging for many working moms.

In fact what I uncovered was a way in which each of us unique human beings can create simple daily practices that nurture our wellbeing ... and fit within our existing lifestyle.

A formula based on the 10 "pillars" of wellbeing, combined with some core elements of high performance coaching. 

Over the years, I have had the pleasure of coaching hundreds of people around the world. Many of whom have achieved lasting transformation.

Exponential business growth, increased self-confidence, more time, more energy, life-altering changes in their health, and more.

For me there is nothing more rewarding and exciting than helping others achieve lasting positive transformation ...

... and witnessing the impact this has not just for my clients, but also for their families and communities.

Although this is my story - for me this is really about you.
Your wellbeing.
Your goals and aspirations.
Your quality of life - now and in the future.

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