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Lifestyle Business Breakthrough Specialist, Anna McKinlay

What if you could meet - and exceed - your business goals, without sacrificing your health, family, relationships, or your sanity? 

This may sound like an unattainable dream ... but it is possible!

Total Wellbeing is about taking care of all the dimensions of the unique person that is you. Your physical health, your emotions, your mind and thoughts, and your personal alignment. 

By filling your cup in these four areas, you become empowered to tap into your full resources, and to create the life and business you desire.

Over the past decade, I've learned the power of this for myself, and have helped many other busy parents transform their lives through ... 

  • Greater Clarity, Accomplishment, & Fulfillment

  • Enhanced Health & Wellbeing, including lasting weight-loss

  • Stress Relief, & Resilience

  • More Confidence, & Compassion, for one's self & others

  • Business Growth & Expansion

  • & So Much More ...

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    Create Wellbeing

    Do you want more wellbeing and vitality in your life, but just struggle to stay motivated with your health goals? 

    Have you tried program after program, but just can't find what works for you?

    Do you find yourself asking "why does it seem so much easier for others to stay healthy and happy?"  

    Take the quiz to discover the #1 Motivation Killer that is blocking your health goals ... & what you can do about it. 

    Click to Take the Quiz Now

    Create Focus

    John Kehoe once said "Weak and scattered thoughts are weak and scattered forces"

    He was commenting on the importance of focus in creating the life we want. 

    Focus can feel unattainable when we're pulled between parenting, household, business, & other commitments. 

    I've created a 5-step process to help you create more focus, & greater balance, in your life. My pdf "Your Balanced Life Blueprint" leads you through each step, with templates to help you implement. 

    Click to Download the PDF

    Create a Life You Love

    True freedom, abundance, and wellbeing is built from the inside out.

    My personalised "Inner Cleanse" program will empower you let go of the subconscious patterns that have been keeping you stuck ...

    ... and free you to create the life, and lifestyle, you desire.


    Each month I set some time aside, for those who are ready to transform their lives. If that feels like you, click below to claim your 40 minutes on me.

    Claim Your Gift Call Here

    What people are saying

    Thank you for helping me get my family & life back into a healthy balance.

    The skills & techniques you have taught me are invaluable.

    Many of them are being passed down to my own children so you have touched my family in ways we cannot ever begin to measure!



    Working with Anna has changed my working life, & given me insight into who I am, and the leader I want to be.

    I have achieved self-awareness and a significant weight loss that has changed my life forever.

    I now have a great work/life balance and finally understand ‘who I am’.


    New Zealand

    I  highly recommend working with Anna.

    Her program shifted everything in my business, helped me to create huge forward movement and growth, and also shifted so much for me personally.

    If you are looking for sustainable changes in your business and personal life you want to work with Anna!



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