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Let me share just a few of my clients' stories ...

As a mentor and a coach, Anna provides steadfast warmth, patience, keen understanding and valuable insight. 

She is able to contribute strategically in supporting key business and personal decisions 

And she is also a consistent conscientious support person whenever a new perspective or a more refined look at a situation is required.

I greatly appreciate my interactions with Anna and super happy to recommend her.


New Zealand

I worked with Anna as my business was starting to grow. …

Three years later my business has grown exponentially, more than I’d ever imagined it could.

I’m sure the systems and processes Anna helped me put in place have played a large part in that.

Selecting goals to work on, and limiting it to just four meant my focus wasn’t spread too far.

The accountability I learned has stood me in good stead and will continue to in the future.

This was a great investment in my business and myself.

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New Zealand

Being a work-from-home entrepreneur has many benefits for me.

On the flipside, I sometimes find it challenging to keep focused, on track and to persevere in the face of setbacks.

Anna has helped me with all of those things!

Anna is a great mentor. I really appreciate how she's always willing to share her personal experience as a business owner, as well as any 'tips or tricks' that helped her in being successful.

She inspires me to be the confident, caring and courageous work-from-home entrepreneur that I want to be.

I recommend Anna to anyone looking for a compassionate, reliable, and knowledgeable mentor / business coach.



Anna has been my coach for just over the past 12 months, helping me to develop goals and practice goal progression.

I set out with 4 core focuses, and through Anna's structured sessions, non-judgemental style, and wealth of knowledge, I either hit or significantly progressed them all.

I can highly recommend Anna if you're wanting to push forward in business and in life general.


New Zealand

Working with Anna has been a pleasure!

She is an enthusiastic, empathetic coach. She has been instrumental to me understand how a few changes to the way I think and approach areas of my life can have far reaching effects.

Anna has helped me make some key decisions and I now feel much better equipped to handle challenges I would have previously found daunting!”


New Zealand

Thank you for all your help in changing my mindset.

You have helped me see that I can totally have the career I want and make life work for me!


United Kingdom

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