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Module 7

Planning to Sustain the Change

Most people who enroll in, or complete a course, fail to gain lasting benefit. Yes - it's happened to me as well!
We have a strong tendency to return back to our old patterns … unless we have a process to sustainably integrate new ways of thinking, feeling, and acting into our day-to-day life.

To experience lasting gains from this course, it is essential to understand what it takes to create lasting positive change in your life. And to have a clear action plan to help you create the conditions for your success. That is what we are covering in this Module.

First, download the PDF worksheet
Then watch the video below. 

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What you'll gain from Module 7 ...

  • Understanding of the common "pitfalls" that lead most people to self-sabotage,

  • The essential steps for creating positive change that lasts, &

  • A plan to keeping building on what we have covered, so that achieving more in less time becomes your “new normal”..

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