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Mini E-Course for Self-Employed Entrepreneurs

Learn How To Create A Business That Supports The Life You Choose

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Anna McKinlay
Lifestyle Breakthrough Specialist

Juggling running a business, being a parent, running a household, and countless other commitments can feel impossible.

It’s so easy to become stuck in an endless loop of early mornings, long days, working evenings and weekends just to keep up … and feeling you never enough time.

This is a pattern that can feel impossible to escape. I know – I’ve been there!

Hi! I’m Anna McKinlay, mom, entrepreneur, lifestyle-business breakthrough specialist, and “burnout survivor”.

I help entrepreneurial moms thrive in their businesses, as parents, and as human beings.

I do this through helping you gain mastery over your time and focus, create the foundations for radical wellbeing across the three dimensions of head, heart, and physical health, and build a momentum of accomplishment in your business and your life.

What Will You Learn?

There are 4 key questions that most self-employed entrepreneurs don't know to ask. The answers have a big impact on how your business evolves. And on whether it aligns with your big dreams and aspirations ... or not. 
Inside this e-course you will walk through these questions in four steps, to help you create a business that supports the life you want to create, as a self-employed entrepreneur. 

  • Set Your Intention

  • Gain clarity on the type of business you wish to create, and how this aligns with the life, and lifestyle, you want. 

  • Rethinking Self-Employment

  • Set clear expectations for yourself, as a business-owner, as an employer, and as the #1 employee in your business.

  • The Many Hats of a Self-Employed Entrepreneur

  • Understand the roles of a self-employed business owner, which roles you will keep & what to delegate, & build your organizational chart.

  • Business Planning Simplified

  • Learn how to implement a simple business planning system that will keep you focused, adaptable, on track to your success.

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