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Module 3

Becoming the You Who Gets More Done In Less Time

Most people fail to achieve their goals. And even for those who do achieve their goals, almost everyone eventually self-sabotages.
This is not because there is anything "wrong" with us. It's because the way most of us approach goal setting is flawed; we focus on the wrong things. 

The same old thinking inevitably lead us to the same old results. 

In this Module we will focus on a leading-edge concept in goal achievement, and on how you can break this cycle, by becoming the version of you who gets more done in less time, starting now.

Download & print the PDF worksheet.
Then watch the video below. 

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What you'll gain from Module 3 ...

  • Insight into how traditional goal setting sets you up to fail,

  • Clarity on what it means to be the you who achieves more in less time, &

  • Clear "baby steps" you can start taking right away to help you be that version of yourself each day ... and start creating the shifts you want.

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