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Your Self-Employment Blueprint: Question 2

What is your organizational structure?
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Self-employed entrepreneurs wear many hats! 

Running your business means taking on different roles. And problems can occur when we try to play several roles at once ... or if we're not clear about which role we are playing. It can become overwhelming.

Your focus, awareness, and intention are among your most powerful assets. To use them effectively, it helps to be clear about what the key roles, or "jobs", in your business are ... so you can be clear about which hat you are wearing at any given time. 

Getting clear about your organizational structure is also a powerful way to help you plan for the growth of your business, and create a powerful vision for the future. 

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What You'll Gain
From This Session ...

  • Clarity on the roles you currently play in your business,

  • A clear picture of what you want your business to look like in the future, and the kind of team you desire (if any), 

  • A framework to help you choose what to delegate, and what to keep doing yourself.

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