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Learn How To Achieve More, In Less Time ...

So You Can Have More Time
for What You Love

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Anna McKinlay
Lifestyle Breakthrough Specialist

Juggling running a business, being a parent, running a household, and countless other commitments can feel impossible.

It’s so easy to become stuck in an endless loop of early mornings, long days, working evenings and weekends just to keep up … and feeling you never enough time.

This is a pattern that can feel impossible to escape. I know – I’ve been there!

Hi! I’m Anna McKinlay, mom, entrepreneur, lifestyle breakthrough specialist, and “burnout survivor”.

I help entrepreneurial moms thrive in their businesses, as parents, and as human beings.

I do this through helping you gain mastery over your time and focus, create the foundations for radical wellbeing across the three dimensions of head, heart, and physical health, and build a momentum of accomplishment in your business and your life.

What Will You Gain?

In this 7-module e-course you will gain proven strategies, practical tools, & templates to empower you to focus your time & energy on the things that matter most - in your business and your life. The focus is on creating balanced accomplishment - so you can achieve more in your business while also enjoying more time with those you care about, more time for your health & wellbeing, and greater personal fulfillment.

  • Uncover Your Biggest Time Blockers

  • I will show you how to reveal the patterns prevent you from making the most of the time you have ... and what you can do about them

  • Become the You Who Gets More Done in Less Time

  • You will learn the real reason most people fail to reach their goals, & a little-known process to help you be the person who does achieve more in less time!

  • Set Yourself Up to Win Every Day

  • You will learn a simple process to leverage your focus each day, and create daily momentum towards your goals and vision.

  • Planning to Sustain the Change

  • You'll create a simple action plan to integrate what you've learned into your daily life, so you can enjoy lasting benefits.  

  • Ongoing Access to the Course Content

  • Come back and re-watch the sessions as often as you wish, to help you consistently achieve more in less time ... and create a life you love!

  • Create Focus Through an Inspiring Vision

  • You will create a Vision for your business and your whole life, in a way that fuels your motivation and inspiration.

  • Establish a Balanced Goals Program

  • I will guide you in building the foundation that will give you more balance in your life, while still accomplishing your business goals.  

  • Build a Momentum of Accomplishment

  • Learn a key "secret" of high achievers - how to train your mind to enjoy more accomplishment, and a greater sense of confidence, in all areas of life. 

  • Templates You can Keep Using for Life

  • With each module, I'll share with you downloadable pdf templates to help you integrate the strategies and tools. Templates you can keep using for the rest of your life! 

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