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Your Self-Employment Blueprint: Question 3

What does “self-employment” mean, for you?
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Have you ever stopped to think about what does "self-employment" really means? 

Many people choose self-employment, because they want the freedom and flexibility of being their own boss. And a lot of these end up being their "worst boss ever" ... finding themselves working long hours, with work overflowing into their personal life - or even taking over their life. And often fewer benefits or vacation days.

Would you like to bring the freedom and flexibility back to self-employment? It starts with getting clear about what self-employment means to you, and making some decisions about the kind of boss, and the kind of employee, you want to be. 

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What You'll Gain
From This Session ...

  • A new understanding of "self-employment" and how you want it to work for you,

  • Greater balance between working "in" your business, and working "on" your business ... to support sustainable balanced business growth, &

  • A process to help you articulate clear "boundaries" to help you maintain a balance between your business and the rest of your life.

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