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Module 2

Creating Focus Through an Inspiring Vision

We all have 24 hours in a day, 168 hours in a week, and 8,736 hours in a year. No more and no less. 
So the key to creating what we want in business and in life is not about "making" more time. It is about how we use our time. 
And how we use our time is all about what we focus on

An inspiring and meaningful Vision predisposes you to focus on what matters most, and so is essential to being able to use your time well. 
Without a clear, inspiring Vision, we have no basis for deciding where to put our time and focus, we are easily pulled off-track, we struggle to stay motivated, and are much more likely to procrastinate. So let's create an inspiring and energizing Vision for you! 

Note: you may already a Vision for yourself. If you do - awesome! I invite you to go through this Module anyway, so you can pick up addition concepts and ideas, and find ways to enhance your Vision so it's even more empowering.

First, download & print the PDF worksheet
Then watch the video below. 

Prefer audio only?
Download the audio & slide pack.

What you'll gain from Module 2...

  • Awareness of common mistakes people make in creating a Vision,

  • Clarity on how to avoid those mistakes, & the key elements of an inspiring and motivating Vision, &

  • A clear Vision statement for your business and life that is meaningful & inspiring, guides your decisions & your focus, and fuels your motivation.  

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