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Anna McKinlay

FREE Monthly Zoom with Anna McKinlay

3 Keys to Personal Resilience

Sunday, March 3rd, 2024 at 3pm PST
Monday, 4 March, 2024, at 12 noon NZDT

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Each month, I run an exclusive FREE Zoom call to share tools and ideas to help you transform your life ...

In our next call, on March 3 (US time), we'll be talking about how to boost your personal resilience, so you can thrive in 2024, regardless of the craziness going on in the world! We'll cover ...

How "Hustle" Keeps Us Stuck

Too many people in today's world are stuck in a repeat-pattern of effort and struggle. And the price is high, in terms of health, relationships, and quality of life. There is another way, which will help you get into your flow and create what you want in life.   

3 Keys to Personal Resilience

The world is changing very rapidly - so much upheaval whenever you turn on the news, and in our personal lives as well! Through my own journey, and supporting others around the world, I have discovered 3 foundational keys that will help you stay resilient, and ride the "roller coaster" of change.

The #1 Way to Transform Your Life

If you liked Atomic Habits, you'll love this! We'll talk about a simple, easy method you can start using immediately, to start experiencing the things you want in life. Finally, you'll understand what's behind self-sabotage, why setting goals often doesn't work, and how to fix all that! 

Plus open questions to help you apply this in your own life.

These calls are exclusive to registered participants (i.e. not streamed anywhere), to provide you with a safe space to absorb and integrate.

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What others have said ...

Here are just a few examples of what others have experienced from working with Anna 

Thank you for helping me get my family & life back into a healthy balance. 

The skills & techniques you have taught me are invaluable. 

Many of them are being passed down to my own children. You have touched my family in ways we cannot ever begin to measure!



I sought Anna's assistance because, at the end of 2022, I simply had nothing left in the tank.

I moved quickly from survive to thrive.

The major insight: I have choices. I can choose what I do with my emotions - how to recognise them, accept them, work with them, manage them. This is a real journey of peeling away the onion layers and Anna is the best navigator.


New Zealand

I highly recommend working with Anna.

Her program shifted everything in my business, helped me to create huge forward movement and growth, and also shifted so much for me personally. 

If you are looking for sustainable changes in your business and personal life, you want to work with Anna!



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